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The names have been changed to protect the identities of our clients.


Ms. Anne

Sembawang FSC Client

May 2020


I would like to compliment Ms. Joanna for providing excellent services during the period of Covid-19. When Circuit Breaker was implemented, I literally had no place to live and due to the strict government regulations, I was not even able to temporarily secure any budget hotels. 


In the past, I have always been pleased with the services I have received from SFSC. However, my expectations were exceeded by Ms. Joanna’s professionalism and ability to resolve my housing situation within a week. By working with MSF-SSO, she was able to place me in a budget hostel with additional financial assistance. As a result of her swift actions, I was able to breathe a sigh of relief. 


I often encounter many people in the social service sector and rarely do I come across someone like Ms. Joanna. I can confidently say that she is an exemplary social worker and her commitment to providing great services deserves recognition. I am very thankful to SFSC and Ms. Joanna’s services. 


I wish Ms. Joanna great success in her career!

Mrs. Ang

Sembawang FSC Client

September 2018


I am grateful for all the support and advice SFSC has provided me these past few years. It has been challenging to keep a part-time job whilst being a caregiver to my husband, a stroke survivor, and supporting my unemployed daughter who suffers from depression. 

I am especially thankful for Ms. Suriyana, when I first sought help from SFSC she listened to all my problems and also those of my mother and sister. Throughout this difficult time, she has given me great advice and has been consistently supported me every step of the way. 

Last year during Moon Cake Festival, she went the extra mile to collect and deliver the moon cakes to my home. This year, my husband and I have been invited to attend the Banquet of Love 2018, and we are looking forward! 

Thank you so much for your warm and caring services. You light up my life! 


Miss. Farah

Sembawang FSC Client

January 2014


I would like to share my positive feedback and experience with Ms Brenda Khong, 


A couple of years ago I received counseling from Brenda and this was when I was experiencing family life difficulties and going through some financial hardships.


Brenda was an excellent listener and gave me useful advice. She enabled me to see the need for and my potential to manage things on my own as well as helping me realize that getting help via counseling does not necessarily make me a weak person. She also assisted my parents who were having some marital problems. 


Good social workers such as Ms Brenda should be recognized and I hope her efforts to be appreciated by all those she continues to help. 

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