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We need the following volunteers

Befrienders of the elderly, challenged families and youths

Home Visits

1. Interact with and befriend clients, follow-up from casework sessions

2. Write a short report on client's wellbeing to update caseworker

3. Recognize clients requiring additional support or potential referrals

Group Work & Events

1. Accompany clients to SFSC events  (e.g. CCMC-SFSC Bursary Awards, Banquet of Love)

2. Accompany clients to Group Work sessions  (e.g. Tuition & Character Building, Pocket Fitness)

Escort & Transport (Elderly)

1. Accompany seniors to hospitals / polyclinics for medical appointments

Skills-based Volunteers

• Short course instructors, discussion facilitators

• Teaching Assistants

• Academic and programme mentors

• Event organizing 

• Designers for brochures, event collaterals, posters and web

All SFSC volunteers will be provided with the necessary support and training before being

deployed to aid those in need.

Volunteer Application Form

Send your application form to us and we will be in touch with you! 

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Contact us for more information

If you are part of the National Volunteer & Philanthropy Centre (NVPC), you may ask for a referral to join us. 

We can't help everyone...

but everyone can help somone

Dr. Loretta Scott


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