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When individuals with similar issues and concerns come together to forge solutions and create a supportive network for themselves


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Family Service Centre

Community Work

Group Work

At SFSC, we develop, conduct and facilitate group therapy sessions to build social support systems and networks for targeted groups. 

The following are two programmes run by our centre.

Self-Esteem Group Work 

A psycho-educational platform that helps children to build the skills needed to develop positive self-esteem and strengthen interpersonal communication skills. The process involves improving the child’s self-awareness levels in order to identify and leverage upon their strengths when dealing with challenges and building healthy relationships. 

Pocket Fitness

A psycho-educational group work that offers a safe and supportive environment for members to share their experiences in financial management and to learn from one another. This hands-on group work requires all members to participate in several healthy financial exercises, which eventually are adopted into their own households.

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